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    She will be loved

    Bette froze. Tina froze. The whole building probably woke up…. 

    Drew… shit… not even close… Was Bette’s first thought as she lifted both her eyebrows at the intensity of this woman. 


    “Drew… right… we were never dating… and please can we just not do this here and… now?” Bette softly said after a moment, not really knowing how to continue with that conversation. 

    “Bette… YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME!!” Drew then actually shouted for  pretty much everybody on campus to hear. 

    Bette and Tina were stealing glances at one another, both petrified… afraid of even breathing. 

    “Oh I see… you piece of shit… YOU’VE REPLACED ME!!!” Drew would  clearly not low the tone of her voice, especially in that last part of her phrase. 

    Bette and Tina stole another glance at each other, still unsure of what to do and particularly hesitant about what Drew might do next. Suddenly Tina became afraid for her physical integrity, pretty much at the same time Bette started fearing for the same thing regarding her own. 

    “Drew… darling… I haven’t done such a thing…” Bette said breaking the silence,  following her statement with a smoothing smile for she understood that she had to do something. And it seemed to be working at least for the anger and disappointment in those blue eyes seem to be dissipating a bit. 

    “Then why?… Why do you give me a night full of the most intense orgas…” 

    “You know what?” Bette desperately interrupted the girl at that exact moment. “Can we finish this in my room… I don’t think we should… I mean, we shouldn’t… keep disturbing more people with this?… this… exchange… wouldn’t you agree Drew?” Bette was severely stammering, something quite uncharacteristic of her. 

    Tina had been thrown from the state of slight fear to almost not be able to  restrain from cracking up, Bette’s whole body language and tone of voice trying  to calm this girl who was obviously so into her was plain hilarious. And then Tina understood that, not only was Bette probably a lesbian… but apparently a very well known one as well. So Tina also understood it was her cue, she had to leave before she would witness any more of that situation. She wasn’t disgusted or anything of the sort… she was just very amused, especially at Bette.

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    1. Bette and Tina are being typical college students. Relationships generally at that age are rather fluid…. here today and over tomorrow. But every once in awhile, you meet someone who really gets your attention. This is actually an interesting story about the meeting of Bette and Tina for the first time….. keep it coming.

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