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    She will be loved


    Alice knew Bette was in a complete disagreement and even disliked the idea of a bachelorette party so the mere mention of it would certainly send the conversation down another path. Besides there was no one more blind than Bette when it came to certain issues, especially the Tina related ones.


    ”Alice… how many times do I have to say that… I do not want that party?!” 


    Bette was convinced she had had that conversation with Alice like ten thousand times before, and yet she was also sure she was going to get that damn party.  Because she was pretty much aware that once something got in Alice’s head there was no way of convincing  her otherwise.  


    The brunette´s cell phone rang. Her face went from slightly mad to incredibly annoyed when she looked at the caller’s ID.


    ”I’m sorry… I have to take this call…” Bette excused herself releasing a huge amount of air.


    ”Kit… make that coffee to go please…” Alice ordered more than asked, aware they just had been saved quite literally by the bell.


    ”And what do I do?” Kit asked, truly concerned for she didn’t want to be left alone with her sister at that particular time.


    ”Well you could try not to look so guilty… for a start..”


    ”Rrright… easy for you to say… you are leaving me here, behind enemy lines!”


    ”Well Kit… you know what… I don’t wanna die so young and pretty… just go find something to do, but do not mention any of this to your sister okay?… I’ll call you later”


    And with that Alice grabbed her coffee and headed for the door, not before  stopping in front of Bette slightly shaking her coffee in front of her, muttering that she had to run and she would call her later. After all she didn’t want to look so suspicious. 


    ”Hi Kit… what is wrong with Alice?” Bette greeted her sister after a few moments once she disconnected the call.


    ”I don’t know… maybe she had to work?” Kit was trying to sound and act as normal as possible.


    ”Right… like that would ever happen this early in the morning” Bette was starting to be suspicious of those two.


    1. Really like this story. I think the premise of past and present on a collision course is very original. Love Kit‘s confession but find Alice to be incredibly annoying. Why oh why is it her God given right to interfere with everyone’s life? So now we TiBetters have a new nemesis and her name is Julia. Get it together Tina. Great story.

      Can I ask a question – if Tina has been an executive producer in the movie industry for 4 years – how old are they in the past? Must be further along in college than freshman for Tina to have had her job for so long – 1996 to 2002. Six years. Four years of college. Maybe I missed this.

    2. I think we need to find out a little more about the non-relationship of Bette and Tina before we get out the get on the anti-Julia band wagon. Bette and Tina are our chosen couple, But let’s see what she’s all about before we make her walk the plank.

      This is actually a very intriguing story. Theses are definitely not the characters presented in TLW. Ready for more…

      Oh, and I think Alice is acting just like Alice. Had Kit not looked like she just ran over someone’s dog, Alice would have never asked anything… Kit in her way wanted to tell her so she would have someone to commiserate with. And I think it was what Alice should do was to call her and evidently bring her attention to the reason why Bette is about to be married to Julia. I just wish Kit had had the nerve to talk to Tina instead of telling her the news and then chickening out with the “I’ve made a terrible mistake” crap.

      I am liking this story, bunches…

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