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    Slow Simmer – Part 2 – The Redux

    “Are you waiting for a call? What do you have a hot date after this?” Carrie winked at Angie and heartily laughed as she took another bite of her burger.

    Bouts of guilt and frustration raced through Tina creating a constant unevenness in her tension. She knocked Angie’s water glass over as she reached for her own drink.

    “Mom, you ok?”

    “Fine honey. How’s your burger?” Tina wiped the spill up with one hand and placed her other over her daughter’s.

    “Mine is delicious,” Carrie said with a mouthful.

    “It’s good.” Angie handed Tina another napkin. ”You seem a bit off.”

    “I’m fine honey, really.”

    “She’s just excited we’re both in LA with you.” Carrie interjected.

    Angie looked to her mother who was glowering with hooded eyes at Carrie before looking up to her daughter with a fake smile. Angie knew it wasn’t genuine because no one smiled like her mama T.

    When Tina decided to drop Carrie off at the hotel first, Angie jumped in the front seat. Sensing something was bothering her mother, she played a song they both loved.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Don’t say it, ‘cause I know I’m cute
    Louis down to my drawers
    LV all on my shoes (ooh baby)

    Tina turned the volume down.

    “Mom, you love this song! Cmon! I sing and you dance. Ready?” Angie watched her mother as she turned it back up and started to dance in her seat belting out, “It ain’t my fault that I’m out here getting loose, gotta blame it on the goose, gotta blame it on my juice…”

    “Sorry, honey. I’ve got a splitting headache.” She let a few seconds go by feeling Angie studying her profile. “Yes?” Tina’s eyebrow asked the question before it was even verbal.

    “I have a theory.”


    “Maybe I’ll tell you one day.”

    Tina laughed. “Oh, really? Ok then. Do I at least get to know what it has to do with?”

    Tina stopped at the red light just as Angie said, “You.”

    Angie’s expressive assuredness reminded Tina so much of Bette she couldn’t help but roll her eyes from her daughter over to her own window.

    “Is B going to be home when I drop you off?”

    “She should be, she text me while we were at dinner.”


    1. Okay Tina… get the courage to go talk to Carrie and tell her what the story is … put her back on the plane to where ever she came from and get on with her life and you get on with yours… She is in LA because of you… you said yes when she asked you to marry her… the time has come to fix things… and stop torturing Bette. And stop torturing yourself. Do the right thing and set things so everyone knows where things stand. This game of running and hiding is getting old… you are either all in or you are out of the game. So decide Tina…

      Thanks for the chapter…

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