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    Tina’s eyes were closed when she lifted her head back up. She tossed her loose blonde tresses off her face. A sheen of sweat gleaned across her ample chest. Her cleavage beckoning her wife closer.

    So sexy. Bette watched Tina’s lips move silently every now and then. She snickered knowing the song must’ve changed and her wife no longer knew the words. So adorable. When Tina opened her eyes she jumped a little as she saw Bette coming across the room.

    “Hi babe,” Tina’s voice booming over the music that only she could hear.

    Bette walked in front of the bike for a front row view of Tina’s breasts, full and firm in a green tank. She tried to say hello but her mouth was suddenly dry. When she smiled at her wife she felt her lips sticking to her teeth.

    Tina let out a long breath as she sat down on the seat and removed her headphones. Bette’s trance was broken as she took her cleavage with her.

    “Hi baby. How was the market?”

    “Ok, just got a few things. Have to say I don’t miss the driving in LA on a rainy day. People drive more like assholes than usual.”

    “Babe, can you hand me that towel?”

    “This towel?” Bette held the towel behind her back.

    “Yesss, that one.”

    “I don’t think you need it.” Bette smirked, adding seductively, “Yet.” She closed the gap between her and the front of the bike. “Do I get a kiss?”

    Tina’s eyebrow responded first as she grabbed the handlebars again and lifted herself towards Bette, kissing her lips softly.

    Bette licked her lips when Tina pulled away. She baited Bette when she saw the brunette ogling her chest hungrily. “Like what you see?”

    “That’s a nice tank top. Is it new?” Bette’s voice cracked as Tina’s nipples began to perk through its dampened front.

    Tina curved over the handlebars again bringing her mouth close to Bette’s, teasing another boob view for her wife. “No. I just left it here I guess.”

    Bette’s forefinger followed a bead of sweat down Tina’s chest to the space between the shirt and Tina’s skin, latching her finger in the fabric and pulling it towards her. “This needs to come back to Toronto.”

    Bette kissed Tina harder, her hand roaming up her wife’s neck, around to its nape, her fingers spreading in Tina’s sweat-darkened locks, pulling them gently.

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