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    “Are you ok?”

    “Mmhhm. just. don’t. stop.”

    Bette could feel her own legs burning but she didn’t care. “Tina…” Bette panted when her wife reached down and put her finger between Bette’s V on her clit.

    “Don’t. Stop. Fuck.” Tina pressed circles into the swollen nub while Bette made scissor motions on each side of it. “ Fuck baby, faster.”

    “You like playing with yourself, don’t you, baby?”

    Tina’s gaze bored into Bette’s. Any remnant of hazel was lost to an impassioned umber.

    “Fuck me. Inside me. Please baby.” Tina slid two of Bette’s fingers into her and pressed her own fingers against her clit again.

    Bette curled inside of Tina with every nudge. She leaned her chest over Tina’s, her mouth drawn to the bouncing nipple. She circled it with her tongue before her lips wrapped around it, tugging with her teeth. Her tongue licked the surrounding mauve circle. Bette was entranced by the way her wife’s body felt under her. She opened her mouth wider, devouring Tina’s whole breast.


    Tina’s sticky fingers moved Bette’s hair behind her ears and she rose to kiss her. “I’m close baby.”

    Bette could see the fervor spreading across Tina’s face, a blush filling her chest. Bette pulled her fingers out before Tina could come.

    “What the? Baby, come. No.” Tina ached at their absence, reaching for Bette’s hand.

    Bette swept Tina’s hands away. She quickly unwrapped Tina’s legs from around her waist and straightened them to rest over the handle bars. Bette now squatted on the frame of the bike in front of Tina’s glowing pussy. The bar a welcomed pressure against her own throbbing clit.

    Tina couldn’t wait. She grabbed Bette by the front of her bra pulling her into her. Her hands twisting the brown curls holding Bette’s head exactly where she wanted it. Bette licked along each fold biting Tina’s finger that was still resting on her own clit.

    “Bette, now. I need to come,” Tina pleaded. Her voice a throaty, muffled whine.

    Bette expertly drove her tongue inside of Tina as she watched Tina rub herself. They both moaned when Tina started pulling Bette’s hair with each deeper plunge. Bette felt Tina’s thighs stiffen under her arm as Tina kept rocking her hips against Bette’s mouth. Bette pulled Tina closer, rolling her own hips, searching for friction against the bike. Tina’s back arched, her head so far down the wall behind her she was almost doing a back bend.

    “That’s it baby, I’m coming. I’m com…”

    “Look at me.” Bette’s hot breath against her dripping pussy threw Tina over the edge.

    She crunched her abs as she dug her nails into the back of Bette’s head. Watching as she came on Bette’s face, she growled in pleasure while Bette ravaged her inner thighs, consuming every drop dribbling from her wife.

    Tina held her hands in Bette’s curls, twirling them around her fingers as she tried to catch her breath. Bette stood up and picked her wife up off the bike. They kissed deeply before Tina’s feet found the ground, still letting Bette hold most of her weight. Tina could taste herself in Bette’s mouth. She circled her tongue along the inside of Bette’s lips, eyes slowly returning to their pre-euphoria color, a few more tender kisses before pulling away and resting her head on Bette’s chest.


    “Yea T…”

    “That was a great fucking workout.”

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