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    “Mmm hello,” Tina grinned.

    “Hi, sexy,” Bette responded walking around the bike to Tina’s side. “You look so good right now, T.”

    “Baby, Angie is upstairs.” Tina warned, anticipating Bette ready to pounce.

    “Two floors up. And she probably put her headphones on if she was able to hear you singing.” Bette simpered going in for another kiss.

    Tina tilted her head, flirtatiously squinting with a scowl at her wife. “Well comments like that are certainly not going to get you laid.”

    Bette pouted playing along, but knowing quite well she was in fact going to have Tina right there and then.

    Bette placed one arm at the handlebars, the other just behind Tina’s bum on the seat. Tina’s feet were still strapped in the pedals. Leaning in again for a kiss, Bette waited for Tina to reciprocate. As she felt Tina’s breath on her mouth she skimmed Tina’s lips before moving to her neck, her lips brushing against the soft skin, her tongue absorbing the sweat that tasted like honey.

    Tina’s head rolled to the side, encouraging Bette to suck on her ear lobe. “Hmmm babe…Angie’s upstairs.”

    “She doesn’t even know I’m home. We can be quiet,” Bette said through an open mouth running down Tina’s neck. She nipped at her sensitive pulse point. Tina immediately angled her body more towards Bette, freeing her feet from the pedals. Bette’s voice dropped a little lower. “Or you can just make it sound like you’re working out very, very hard.”

    Tina’s head rested against Bette’s, moving together with each bob against her neck. “You’re making me very, very wet.”

    Bette pulled her head out from under Tina’s chin to look down between her wife’s legs. Her arms were still spread across the length of the bike.

    “We’ve never done it on a bike before,” Tina bit her lip grabbing the front of Bette’s belt and tugging her closer.

    Bette gasped, “Still taking my breath away Mrs. Porter-Kennard.”

    Tina undid Bette’s pants, slid her hand inside and rubbed her thumb over Bette’s lace underwear before unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up. She stared, tantalized by the sheer nude bra that Bette’s brown nipples poked through. Tina brought her hands over Bette’s shoulders, sliding the shirt down her toned arms and to the floor. Her fingertips spread over Bette’s chest tracing the edges of the bra before moving over her breasts. She flattened her palms, sliding them down the tight abs before walking her fingers back up her wife’s stomach to her nipples.

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