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    Bette lifted Tina’s face, wanting to see the arousal in her hazel eyes. She flitted her tongue gently between Tina’s lips, Tina’s tongue swirling around Bette’s, continuing an erotic dance before Tina pressed her mouth against hers in a deep, passionate kiss. Bette gripped Tina by the waist to steady her on the bike’s seat.

    Her fingers dipped along the waistband of Tina’s shorts, noticing they were the only layer between them. Her thumbs pressed against her hips, her strength rocking Tina back so her back reached the corner of the wall.

    “These need to come off. Now.”

    Tina lifted her ass off the seat as Bette held her with one arm. The other pulled the shorts down to her ankles. Tina kicked them off and across the room.

    “Come here.” Tina pulled Bette into her. The taller woman straddled the frame of the bike, able to wrap Tina’s legs around her waist. Tina’s seeping wetness causing her to slip a bit off the seat.

    Bette’s hands held Tina under her legs pulling her naked sex towards her thigh. Tina’s juices leaving stains on Bette’s black pants with each thrust.

    “Babe this feels so good.”

    “You look so fucking hot right now, Tina!”

    Bette yearned for Tina like this. Her creamy thighs wrapped tightly around her waist, her sexy hips lurching against her. Bette loved the way Tina’s cheeks glowed, her head thrown back, one arm propped above it holding the wall behind her. Her tongue teased her billowy lips before her teeth bit back the bottom one as her eyes found Bette’s. She stared into the hazy brown orbs provocatively moving her other hand under her shirt, lifting it to expose her perfect breasts, and fondle her nipple. Bette hummed watching her. Tina’s folds glistened with more wetness, her scent mixed with sweat enticing Bette to quicken the pace. She needed to taste Tina and wanted Tina writhing against her face.

    “Oh my God, baby. I can’t believe this feels so good. I mean soo sooo good.” Tina’s voice was gravelly, moaning louder as her swollen clit throbbed against Bette’s muscular thigh with each thrust, overwhelmed by the friction against the linen pants.

    Bette moved one arm over Tina’s leg so she could squeeze Tina’s clit between her fingers. The sensation causing Tina to jerk in Bette’s arms.

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