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    The Most Distant Course

    Weekly routine, the drug injection.

    Tina only nods, her face shows no emotion as if she’s known it already.

    “Sam, Bev, go wait for me in the car.”

    “But…” Bette wants to protest.

    “Don’t let me repeat again.” Tina says coldly.

    Bette angrily looks at Tina walks close to Max and pulls up her sleeve. The brunette has to force herself not to think about it, everything will be alright, it is just another bad day, Tina will endure this again…

    “Come on, Bette,” Sam says lightly. “She will need us after this.”



    One weeks later.

    Bette looks around, making sure there is no one following her, then she walks to the big laurel tree where L will put the device under it.

    There is a red rock under the tree, where Bette and L used to hide the calling device to contact the FBI when they have a mission, they’ve done well and never being caught.

    Bette has put the cellphone under it when the day the boss sentence Carmen to death, just in case that someone might search their body.

    Since Carmen is dead, Agent L has no longer exist in the world, there is no use to continue to hide the cellphone under the stone, the cellphone now belongs to Bette. Furthermore, Bette is one of the head now, her position is only surpassed by the boss and Tina, needless to say, she’s the boss’s favorite from now, owning a phone to make contact with their customer is a very normal thing.

    While the brunette is thinking, her hand is busying digging the mud, her mind is drifting away.

    Carmen’s death didn’t bring joy to Tina and her, on the contrary, Tina has been sick in bed for the entire week when they came back from the execution.

    Her girlfriend after came back from the injection, she’s being unconscious in bed. The doctor came to see her every day, Bette lived in Tina’s room, never quitting it except to snatch a few hours rests at night.

    Bette never left her lover’s side, slept on a couch not far away from Tina, made the blonde drink and eat, without pause talked to her, because her tender, the loving voice was the only thing that soothed the weakly blonde. Whenever hearing the brunette’s voice, Tina’s breath will soon become peaceful and steady.

    Overwhelm in her own world, Bette almost missed the strange feeling, the weird sense of touch when she put her hand under the red stone…

    A quiver of fear went through her, she quickly looks down, giving one last hope that it’s just a lousy joke, a dream that will soon wake up…

    But when she looks clearly beneath the rock, the truth makes her face went as white as a sheet.

    If Bette put the phone in it on the day of Carmen’s execution, during the end of that day, Bette will be the only one who knew there is hiding place under this tree. L is dead, the cellphone should still be in the same place. The place she swears she has double check that she has put the device one week ago, is now empty.




    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say i don’t like what happened in this chapter.

      First – Tina on grugs again.
      Second – like i said earlier i don’t care about Carmen death. But i have suspicion that (spoiler) But in this case obviously that Bette didn’t know anything about this, but i can feel that Sam knew. So Tina trust Sam more than Bette. And for me it death sentence for B&T realationship.

      So we will see if i right than

    2. I think my comment got lost in space again! 😕

      Sad that Carmen had to be taken away by Tina.

      How much more can Tina endure? She is a brilliant and strong woman and i am glad that that she has the love and support from Bette. And yes Sam as well.

      You left with a cliffie again!ooking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Hi CJ:
      Strong chapter, hard to imagine Tina killing Carmen, but in a former chapter, Tina said that she made modifications on her gun (?) Is there something you haven’t write here?

      You wrote here what I already suspected reading former chapters, but I wasn’t totally sure, Sebastian Cooper had sex with Tina in the brothel despite recognizing her as her own daughter; that guy is not a man, he is not an animal, he is the damn walking devil, he deserves to be burned alive and slowly; I heard of a few cases like this in real life and always made me sick and there is no excuse for the father, poor Tina.

      I like Bette very much, how she trusts, supports and protectsTina no matter what.
      Great chapter CJ, keep the good work.


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