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    The Most Distant Course

    “You know how clever Carmen is, considered Jodi’s current circumstances, she will find a great excuse for those pictures, there is no way Jodi can win her.” Bette said. “Unless…”

    “Yes,” Sam cut in. “Unless Tina prepared more evidence, which she did, Carmen has no way to escape this setup.”

    “I don’t get it,” Bette shook her head. “You want Carmen to die. With that, you want Jodi to report her as a spy, but while Carmen defend herself, you know that Jodi has no chance to win this debate, so you are going to jump out and propose more evidence. If the result was all the same, why don’t you just give Jodi all the evidence and let her do the work? Why bother circle around to get the result you already have?”

    “I have my plan, of course, Carmen isn’t like the other heads, she should not die in some drug abuser’s hand such as Jodi, I have another arrangement for her.”

    Tina said as she drank the hot tea.

    “The reason I need to make things so complicated, also because this job cannot be done by me…To be more specific, this job should not be done by me…on the surface,” Tina stood up, she walked to her desk. “This assignment was originally assigned to Jodi, which showed that the boss didn’t want outsiders to join hands, he also didn’t want me to have any coming between undercover. He knew how Jodi crave for the throne, she won’t do the dirty trick if she was responsible for this job.”

    Bette nodded, watched Sam poured some tea for Tina.

    “Right, so Jodi must be the one to find out who’s the spy, not you, or the boss will suspect your relation with the spy.”

    “Exactly.” Tina made a small smile.

    Hearing this, Sam put down the teapot.

    “Wait…if you said so, no matter what Jodi should be the one to reveal the identity of the undercover, then we may as well not care about anything at all, why did you want us to prepare more proof for this?”

    Tina lightly chuckles. “We can’t ignore it totally, we still need to keep up appearances, we still need to investigate. After all, this involved the company business. If I didn’t care for it, the boss might think that I was done purposely, the worst thing is that he would feel I might have something to do with this spy, on the other hand, if I care too much, my suspicious father might also think I want to over his power. Clearly, he assigned her work to her, but how come till the end it was me who is doing the work? How will the boss fell? It’s wouldn’t be happy but doubt.”


    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say i don’t like what happened in this chapter.

      First – Tina on grugs again.
      Second – like i said earlier i don’t care about Carmen death. But i have suspicion that (spoiler) But in this case obviously that Bette didn’t know anything about this, but i can feel that Sam knew. So Tina trust Sam more than Bette. And for me it death sentence for B&T realationship.

      So we will see if i right than

    2. I think my comment got lost in space again! 😕

      Sad that Carmen had to be taken away by Tina.

      How much more can Tina endure? She is a brilliant and strong woman and i am glad that that she has the love and support from Bette. And yes Sam as well.

      You left with a cliffie again!ooking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Hi CJ:
      Strong chapter, hard to imagine Tina killing Carmen, but in a former chapter, Tina said that she made modifications on her gun (?) Is there something you haven’t write here?

      You wrote here what I already suspected reading former chapters, but I wasn’t totally sure, Sebastian Cooper had sex with Tina in the brothel despite recognizing her as her own daughter; that guy is not a man, he is not an animal, he is the damn walking devil, he deserves to be burned alive and slowly; I heard of a few cases like this in real life and always made me sick and there is no excuse for the father, poor Tina.

      I like Bette very much, how she trusts, supports and protectsTina no matter what.
      Great chapter CJ, keep the good work.


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