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    The Most Distant Course

    “Since this case we should not interfere too much also can’t neglect it, just let nature take its course,” Bette said while she took a cup Sam passed to her. “Thanks.”

    “Sure thing.” Sam said quietly.

    “Where is Shane?”

    “Tina ordered her to handle the business deal in Colombia, might need a few weeks to come back.”

    “I see…”

    Tina looked at the poker card, she didn’t know whether they can still be the same as before, Sam won’t change a bit, she knew what will happen from the very first beginning …Shane…Shane no doubt will not be happy about it… But Bette, after this business is done, it’s hard to say that Bette will still feel the same to her, who will love a girlfriend with a filthy hand?


    A knocking comes from the front door takes Tina back to the reality, Tina doesn’t raise her head to the door, the person also seems not bothered waiting for Tina’s approval, opening the door walk herself in. It’s Sam.

    “Ma’am, Boss is asking for you in the meeting room.” The servant says.

    Tina sucks at her cigarette, the strong smell of smoke makes Sam sniffs in disgust. The servant furrows her eyebrow when Tina sucks another big mouth.


    “Everything is going according to plan?” Tina says coldly.

    She has never seen Tina being like this, two years ago, her boss has asked her to prepare some weed for her in case this kind of situation. Sam knew Tina has carried loads of pressure, the resist of the drug use, the operation of the plan, the prevention of those who would jump at the chance…Tina knew that long last her nervous system will give away. One day, even her mind continues straining for the pressure, her body won’t be able to tolerate.

    Sam didn’t expect that Tina will start so soon to smoking marijuana for reducing stress. After this case is over, six more people the blonde needs to deal with, anyone seeing Tina’s current circumstances will all concern about the success probability.

    “Yes, ma’am, this meeting invited all the heads instead of Carmen, it appears that the topic of the meeting is about the head of the prostitution.”

    Tina draws on her cigarette and blows out a stream of thoughtfully smoke. Her finger rubs the rim of the glass, the brown liquid shine in the burning fire.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say i don’t like what happened in this chapter.

      First – Tina on grugs again.
      Second – like i said earlier i don’t care about Carmen death. But i have suspicion that (spoiler) But in this case obviously that Bette didn’t know anything about this, but i can feel that Sam knew. So Tina trust Sam more than Bette. And for me it death sentence for B&T realationship.

      So we will see if i right than

    2. I think my comment got lost in space again! 😕

      Sad that Carmen had to be taken away by Tina.

      How much more can Tina endure? She is a brilliant and strong woman and i am glad that that she has the love and support from Bette. And yes Sam as well.

      You left with a cliffie again!ooking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Hi CJ:
      Strong chapter, hard to imagine Tina killing Carmen, but in a former chapter, Tina said that she made modifications on her gun (?) Is there something you haven’t write here?

      You wrote here what I already suspected reading former chapters, but I wasn’t totally sure, Sebastian Cooper had sex with Tina in the brothel despite recognizing her as her own daughter; that guy is not a man, he is not an animal, he is the damn walking devil, he deserves to be burned alive and slowly; I heard of a few cases like this in real life and always made me sick and there is no excuse for the father, poor Tina.

      I like Bette very much, how she trusts, supports and protectsTina no matter what.
      Great chapter CJ, keep the good work.


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