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    The Most Distant Course

    Two years have passed, time flies.

    Two months after she met Carmen and Shane, she finally agreed Candace go out with her.

    During that time, she didn’t stop searching for Tina, she looked in the underworld, searched the brothels, even went back to the mansion, made sure that her body wasn’t being left unfound…and she found nothing. 

    Feeling exhausted by society, Bette decides to take a rain check for the rest of the event.

    “Ugh…Candace, where are you?”

    Bette is now walking around, trying to find her girlfriend, who has disappeared again, probably having some great talk with someone else.

    Taking a look at every soul in the congregation, none of there has seen her girlfriend, she sighs. 

    How much she wishes she could be at home, wearing her comfortable pajamas, drinking her favorite wine and just simply watching a movie?

    Why it’s so hard to have a peaceful night at home…?

    A waitress suddenly bumps into her, with a loud splash, all the beverages on the tray she’s holding spill onto Bette, dampen her new uniform. 


    Bette jumps away, but it’s already too late. Within a few seconds, her uniform turns into a dripping rag.   

    “Jesus Christ!” This night is getting better and better.

    The detective says angrily while washes her hand off the champagne and wine, she’s already frustrated about the tedious party, and now this. Really push her temper onto the edge, very close to going crazy. 

    “I’m so sorry…” The waitress says, she quickly takes out a clean towel, intends to help her. But Bette only angrily yanks her hand away. 


    “Please forgive me, ma’am I didn’t mean to—”

    “What the hell were you doing?” Bette says in greeting teeth. “Is this how you do you your job? Crashing food and drinks on others.”

    “I’m so sorry ma’am, my mind suddenly blanked out, and I lost my balance…are you hurt? Please let me take care of your clothes…I—”

    The waitress tries to take over Bette’s dirty clothes, but her hand again being slapped away by the brunette. 

    “Don’t touch me!” Bette says bitterly, while she glares at the woman annoyingly. “Don’t you ever…”

    The other half of the words stuck in the detective’s mouth cannot come out, like being clogged up by something. 


    1. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      I am so happy to see this update!!!

      We are getting closer to their meeting after two years.

      I didn’t surprise me that Bette hooked up with Candace, everyone needs somebody in their life and Bette couldn’t know if or when she would see Tina again.
      I feel sorry for Candace though, she is in love and Bette is that clearly not, but to make a scene like that, not done, but i understand her frustation with Bette’s lack of emotion or feeling.

      It is time to bring Aaron down and punish him for his crimes, Tina certainly has ideas to expose him as a criminal and asshole.

      The ranking just freaked me out a little, thank god you didn’t wrote a scene like i thought.

      Waiting patiently for the next chapter and can’t wait to see the meeting between Bette & Tina. Tina sure has a lot to explain to Bette.

      One request, however i think you will explain it in the future, will you tell Tina’s past two years?
      I love this story!!!

      Thank you so much for this story!!!!

      Xxx, your loyal fan 😘

    2. SassyGran says

      Hi CJ,

      Delighted to see another post but I still find it difficult to read as I hate Candace so much!

      Please post again soon as this Story has me gripped!

      Hoping you will have Tina explain what has happened to her in the last two years.

      Also hoping for a happy Tibette ending, please!

      Thanks for posting PPS


    3. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Always an excellent chapter.

      Initially, I was disappointed that Bette and Candace ended together, but as I was reading, Bette has no feelings for her (well, she clearly is not in love with the police captain) because of Bette’s heart already belongs to Tina and is only her who Bette is looking for and everywhere.

      In this story, I feel pity for Candace (this Candace, no the one in TLW show) because she is in love with Bette and her feelings are unrequited and because she helped Bette with her PTSD after the fall of the Cooper empire; but c’est la vie, and the new police captain is reluctant to be aware of the situation.

      I’m very curious as to the other readers about what happened these last 2 years with Tina. I don’t wanna know about Bette’s life in the last 2 years because that will give me allergies, knowing she was with Candace (yikes)

      Now I’m thrilled about what is going to happen next because we know Bette is in Tina’s house and the two lovers will reunite.

      So, please CJ, post soon the next chapter.

      Thanks again for the wonderful story.


    4. Zhenya says


      Like i said earlier – very good job with pictures, i like this graphic part in your story.

      I don’t want comment anythig about Bette and Candance, so i just skip it and waiting next part for resolution.

    5. JBLH says

      Great chapter CJ!

      I can definitely deal with Bette being with Candace if it means that a reunion for Bette and Tina is right around the corner! I’d also love to know what has happened to Tina in the last couple of years, but I’m sure you will let us know in the upcoming chapter.

      Thanks and PPS!

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