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    The Most Distant Course

    “Lara’s right, we’ve done nothing, I want to do it.”

    Seeing her friends insist, Bette’s speechless.

    “You do know that I have no idea what is going to happen next, don’t you?”

    “I do,” Dana says. “That’s why I need to go with you, have to stop those stupid things you’ll probably do, haven’t I?” 

    “You sure have,” Lara smirks.


    California, SF. Governor of California Office.

    The tension in the office is thick and intense, Max is standing in the middle, staring at the Governor as if he’s done nothing wrong, on the other hand, the other two women’s faces are damn stern. 

    Little by little, like pieces of puzzles slowly picturing together, the entire situation, all the questions about how Shane being taken away, Rashomon, seems slow to be revealed.

    “So this is what happened…” The Governor says grinding her teeth. “Good…I finally understand how loyal and bold is Aaron Kornbluth… and It wasn’t supposed the FBI would be conscientious and sworn to fight against evil…good, very good.”

    “If you had taken Shane away, where is she then?” Joyce asks.

    Phyllis smacks the table. 

    “That’s right, answer Joyce’s question, with all your pretenses, you took her away, where did you take her to?”

    Max raises his head. “I killed her.”

    Both the Governor and the lawyer’s eyes open widely.


    Washington, DC. FBI headquarters.

    Supporting her body by the wall, Tina slowly sits back on the chair.

    She broke the silence by coughing, the smile never disappeared from her face. 

    Staring back at the one-way mirror, Tina tilts her head.

    “Commander Kornbluth, aren’t you curious how the entire situation is heading to?”

    She says to nobody but the empty room, a few minutes later, the FBI commander Aaron Kornbluth walks in, his face is stern.

    “Commander.” Tina nods.

    How the Commander wants to punch her in the face, they’ve been played by her all along, catching Shane was the only battle they’ve won. After that, even Faye Buckley has been fallen into her trap, who would have thought the entire troop couldn’t fight a weak blonde? 

    The man swallows his anger, compared to this woman, the hiding and betraying of Faye Buckley is the main reason he’s pissing off.

    “What games are you playing?”


    1. Hi CJ:

      Wow, what a chapter, good game played by Tina.

      Thanks God,James and Bete arrived on time.

      Now, we need Tina saved and healthy, and Buckley in jail forever.

      Candace should be punished for attent to murder Tina, and go to make the company to her mom.

      CJ, please, save Tina, don’t let her died.pleaseeee.

      Thanks CJ the story is amazing.


    2. Hi CJ,

      Oh god, what a incredible good chapter!!!

      Tina played the game so well!!! Bye bye Senator Buckley, i hope she rots in hell in jail, along with her daughter and the Commandor Aaron! They all deserve a long time life jail sentence and not death penalty. That would be to kind for them.

      Tina gets finally what she wanted since her family, mother and aunt, were killed brutally by orders from that evil bitch Faye Buckley.

      I feel a little sorry for Candace, never being enough to be loved or cared by the people she had in her life, but doing everything that her mother told her, shame on her, how could she do that after she fought and worked so hard to become a captain. I know, she was so in need of the love or appreciaton from her mother that she was brainwashed. Very sad.

      But the ending has me nervous, you can’t let Tina die 🙏 After all she and Bette went through they deseve to be a happy family with Noah.

      Again, a fantastic story!!!

    3. Good Chapter….so many questions answered. I was hoping that one of the bad guys would have remorse for their previous sins and treat Tina and Bette with some kind of respect and dignity. I was in hopes that Candace would be that person. Until Candace attacks Tina, she could walk away from all these misdeeds unscathed. She may could have kept her position with the LA police department. But once she attacked Tina, her fate was sealed. She is as bad as her mother and Aaron. She needs to obtain justice as well.

      Tina’s condition is really serious – sounds like punctured lungs, gun shot wound, massive loss of blood, heart failure plus her chronic fight from drug addition. Healing will not come quickly. Of course, injuries this serious will involve some introduction to new pain killers during the process of healing. Tina just needs a break and some seriously good health care. And with Bette by her side, her attitude will be good and will enhance her healing. We all hope for the best for Tina and for Bette.

      Oh, Surely Max Sweeney is lying about killing Shane – right? Shane is somewhere getting the proper medical care and being nursed back to health and perhaps with a new identity? Max needs to be saved as well. Maybe he can go to Canada with a new identity also.

      You have me hooked on this saga….love it….look forward to the next one?

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