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    The Most Distant Course

    The great chief’s daughter, of course, wasn’t allowed this scenario continued, unlike Kelly and Alice, Adele decided to play ugly.

    She used her father’s authority, gathering some street gangster to work for her, simultaneously provide protection when the cops got them. The first day, she had three punks waiting beside Tina’s truck when the class dismissed, all three of them were 5 inches taller than Tina, bigger and fatter no need to say.

    All four of us watched this scene on the roof, choosing a great view that wouldn’t miss anything. Adele even brought a bag of popcorn like waiting for a show. Kelly and Alice were not as enthusiastic as Adele was, in fact, they were actually afraid. Not because they like Tina, is that this idea Adele came up might cause a student seriously injured, they knew that if something really happened, Chief Channing will cover everything, moreover, it’s the gangster who did this, we wouldn’t need to carry any responsibility, it was the guilt was torturing us right before the punk made the move.

    My arms folded in front of my chest when I was watching the show Adele set on, I was acting calm the entire time, but my heart beat so fast, like it could jump out any second, I didn’t know what I would do if I really saw Tina got hurt, the image that the petit blonde crying made my heart unconsciously ache for her.

    We all waited patiently, like waiting for the prey.

    Finally, ten minutes later, the target blonde approached her truck, no need any signal, three punks immediately surrounded Tina, grabbing her bag and tossed it on the ground. Tina didn’t make any protest, let them rudely treated her, I was sweating, fearing for this small girl, I had no idea why she acted so obedient. But before those bullies turned their attention from the bag back to Tina Kennard, they were all lying on the ground, holding their stomach howling. Her move was so fast like she’s been training before, she only gave one punch for each guy, not much but hard and hurtful enough, I didn’t need to feel it, the face of those bullies told everything. All four of us didn’t even wake up from our thought, she’s already handled all the gangsters.


    1. Ok, when Bette wrote in her journal – “my pride beat my feeling” – she’s liying by herself. It’s no pride, it’s fear.
      This Bette needs to start grow her own backbone, because for now she hasn’t any. She’s just Adele’s pet.
      And her participation in girl’s suicide – it’s not only awful, but criminal case in some countries.

      • Hi Zhenya:

        It’s a World Rescue Swimming Competiton. I did well, Thanks for asking.

        Indeed, Bette has no idea she’s been manipulating, when she had fame, money, and everything, Slowly she lost herself, abandon all her Principle and conscience, this was sad but normal. She got benefits from Adele which she knew that she needs to pay back. The sadder part is that even if she wants to get out, the circumstance won’t allow her to.

        • I must say most disturbing part was that Bette just stayed and saw and do nothing when some punks try phisical hurt Tina. And it was multiplay times. And don’t know how Tina can ever forgive her after that.

    2. Hi CJ,
      Hope you had a good time competing in Australia, I saw the nice pictures.

      Great chapter, what Bette wrote in her diary explains her attitude and her position in Adele’s circle.

      I like that you are touching the bully issue; everywhere re bullies and they like to surround themselves of “useful idiots” it is like a rotten apple trying to contaminate the others, and most of the times they succeed.
      What Adele forced Bette to make to the other girl, was cruel, but as you don’t give details about that, I guess, it was more like Bette did something to the couple to break them apart; what Bette never thought was that the girl could kill herself; that is something that she will have to carry with her the rest of her lifetime.
      Those things still happen especially among children out of control and guide, and unfortunately sometimes among adults.

      Kids sometimes can’t measure the extent of their actions, but adults can and still they do it, and that has to be prevented and punished.

      What is interesting is how Bette realizes the attraction she is feeling for Tina; apparently, she knows she doesn’t like boys, and even though she thinks she is not a lesbian, she has all the characteristics and she is falling for Tina, she even is jealous of Shane.

      How interesting you mentioned that Kelly is lesbian and out of the closet, am I wrong?

      And why Kelly would kill Tina if she learns Bette likes Tina? Is Kelly wooing Bette, is Kelly her “almost-girlfriend”?

      Wow, so many questions in my mind, looking for answers.

      Thanks for the chapter; I’ll be waiting for the update.


      • Hi, proteonomics:

        Thank you very much for your caring, really warms my heart when there are people really care about the story.

        Actually, Bette didn’t do something really that awful, just spread the rumors, fake pictures, and gossips that will destroy the girls’ reputation. I didn’t write it cause it’s Bette’s vision to write it, she certainly didn’t want to discuss the details. And certainly, some tricks or verbal abuse might be fun for those bullies, they are just having fun but they don’t know they already cause a big trauma for the victims.

        I think Bette likes Tina after she witnessed Tina’s personalities. Tina never bow to the bullies, she fought bravely to the end, she’s the opposite side of Bette, the side that Bette wants to be like. Bette hated the group, but she can’t help because she’s afraid of Adele, but Tina wasn’t. Any threat, blackmail or pain won’t let her give up her belief. That’s what Bette admired Tina the most, and the more she saw how brave Tina was, the more admire grows. Slowly then she realized she likes the blonde.
        Well, Kelly loves Bette, a lot, so she tried every different way to shut Bette’s admirer out. If those people didn’t be stopped by Kelly, Bette probably has lots of relationships now. So if Kelly knows that Bette actually doesn’t like her but Tina, she will definitely do some bad things to her.

        I hope I answered your questions, this was my first time writing, so thank you for comments, I’ll try very hard to improve my next chapter!

    3. I loved to read about Bette and why she is acting the way she is.

      But she needs to cut ties with Adele and stand up to her before she is going to be taken down with her.

      Adele is one sick horrible kid, she needs to be slapped back.

      I admire Tina, she is a strong kid.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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