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    The showdown

    “Who’s going to recognize me in this town?” Eric scoffed. His lack of sleep was making him irritable. He was ready for the charade to be over, so he could get back to his real life.

    “We can’t be too careful Eric. There is too much at stake. There are a lot of studio people still hanging around for the wrap party. Some of them know you from when you and Tina dated. Just keep a low profile until the coast is clear. We still have a few hours to kill before this drama plays out.”

    “Speaking of drama, do you think Tina suspects anything?” Eric asked settling back into the leather seat as Mark pulled the car away from the curb and exited the airport.

    “She’s clueless.” He was sure Tina had no idea of their involvement.


    Aaron was busy tapping away on his phone sending text messages when he heard Sally let out a whistle. The sound escaped her lips before she even realized it when Tina came into view. Not only because the blonde looked stunning in the business suit but judging by her pronounced swagger and tight lipped smile Sally sensed that her boss was in kick-ass mode. Rarely did Tina show this side of her personality but she could be brutal when the situation warranted it. They were certainly in for a showdown.

    Despite her outward appearance of being in total control, the movie executive was still trying to wrap her head around what had taken place over the past few days and how royally screwed she felt by the people she worked with. First to have Aaron and Kate sabotage the film’s ending, then to be accused of stealing the negatives was ludicrous. Now she had to protect herself not only against Kate, but also from her ex-boyfriend Eric, Aaron who up until now she thought was a trusted ally, and William the billionaire investor who might very well be the mastermind behind the entire deception.

    “Hey boss.” Sally said giving Tina the once over and nodding her approval.

    “Hey Sal. Did you get the hotel to set up the video conference for Max and the legal team to join us?” Tina asked not yet acknowledging the others in the room.


    1. To go thru all that she has and still believe that some people are trustworthy and to find out they are not was truly the eye-opener TINA needed to see.TINA came into that ring and bitch slapped those three stooges(larry,curly,and moe)like she was MMA. She showed up and showed out,YES!!.Thinking she would go down without a fight was a HUGE mistake .A woman who stood to lose not only her good name and livelihood but a career she neglected her family for in the process is a dangerous adversary if crossed and that is the one crucial element they forgot to take into account.Now on to the next thrilling episode of TINA and the three stooges.GET’EM.Worth the wait and then some.THANKS,ps.

    2. Thanks for this BAT – hope my ‘little nudge’ was responsible !

      Please keep going with this super story and have faith that the outcome will be great..

      You have brightened my cold Sunday morning here in the UK, Thank You Again and PPS :-)

    3. SassyGran, in case your “litte nudge” inspired Bat to update and continue with this incredible story, i would like to thank you!

      Well done Tina and just like Kate, i really love to see Tina in suit, she is so hot and alpha in it.

      Thank you for the update!

    4. Left a comment Sunday night, don’t know what happened to it. Said it posted, evidently not. Had said that I agree totally with “dunnthat.” Liked the chapter a lot and you know how much I like Tina, especially when she is ticked off. Just glad she was able to keep her cool and scared the hell out of all those a–holes. With her parting shot at them they don’t know what to think now. Hopefully Bettes’ investigator and attorney can find eric and slap them all in jail. Maybe now one of them will slip up and make that one mistake that will catch them all. For some damned reason they don’t think Tina is smart enough to filter the clues. Hope they can put all of them so far back in a cell, daylight will have to be piped to them. The crooked S.O.B.’s. Thanks for the chapter. Waiting not too patiently for the next one.

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