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    this morning

    “Hey!” Bette’s nervousness was evident in the slight crack of her voice.

    “Hi,” Tina responded with an alluring smile that had been reserved only for Bette since their last encounter.

    “Hi, I got your text but I can’t find the book anywhere!”

    Bette hurried by Tina, rushing down the hall to her bedroom as Tina calmly followed behind her unbuttoning another button.

    Bette looked around her bed, under it, anywhere to avoid Tina’s eyes.

    “I’m trying to find it! I know you have to get to work. Did she tell you where it was?”


    Tina leaned against the dresser waiting for Bette to actually look at her. Instead Bette walked into the en suite so Tina followed.

    “She didn’t have to because she didn’t forget it.”

    “What?” Bette turned around to finally face Tina. She now noticed the flush on Tina’s chest giving way to a deep red bra peaking out from the open black blouse.

    Bette’s breath hitched as she grabbed on to the sink’s edge behind her for stability with Tina inching closer.

    “I just text that because I thought it was safe. I wanted to see you.”

    Just in case. Bette thought again.

    Bette’s elbows bent as Tina’s leather clad thigh moved between her bare legs, their faces so close Bette could see the indentation on Tina’s lip from where she bites it back. With Bette barefoot and Tina in heels they were almost the same height. Bette’s hands clutched the counter behind her tighter as her eyes scanned the beautiful face in front, memorizing every fine line, devouring the maddening chin dimples, her soft strawberry lips, the prominent cheekbones, her hazel eyes sparkling in their morning green, the arch of her eyebrow, the slight grey strands of hair mixed in with her natural brown roots.

    Breathtaking, Bette murmured to herself.

    “Is it ok I’m here?” Tina started to untie Bette’s satin robe before waiting for the answer.

    Where am I? Bette couldn’t help but wonder if she went back to bed and was just dreaming this. She barely whispered “Tina” while inhaling the scent of her ex-wife’s hair.

    Tina moved her hands inside of the undone robe and over Bette’s abs. Her fingertips ghosting the underside of the brunette’s breasts enough to cause her nipples to harden. Tina smirked at their response and let her thumbs rest along her ex-wife’s sexy hipbones, nudging Bette further back against the counter. Tina found a different kind of solace in the way Bette’s body reacted to her.


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