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    this morning

    “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since my birthday.”

    Tina tilted her cheek against Bette’s, mingling breaths, lips searching for a tingling kiss. She skimmed the corner of her mouth, darting her tongue between Bette’s slightly parted lips.

    “What are we doing?” Bette spread her legs a bit more with the roll of Tina’s hips.

    “I needed to see you.” Tina kissed Bette’s lips gently. “All of you.” She kissed her again with her whole mouth, giving away her intentions as she slid the robe over Bette’s shoulders until it fell over the counter’s edge and down to her feet.

    Bette returned the kiss, opening her mouth and feeding Tina’s hunger with her tongue. A sensual heat rose from her toes up her now naked body. Her eyes fluttered, reeling in the taste as she swept the inside of Tina’s perfect mouth.

    Tina pushed Bette’s chin up with one hand and grabbed the loose ponytail with the other, pulling it over her bronze shoulder and opening Bette’s lithe neck to her. Tina nibbled down the silky skin, biting and sucking, watching Bette’s back muscles contract in the mirror with every flit of her tongue. Tina’s fingers curled around the brown tresses as wetness seeped through her lace thong.

    “Fuck, baby. I need you.”

    “Tina —” Bette couldn’t speak. She was overwhelmed as Tina enveloped her, clouded by memories and expectations.

    Tina slid her hand down Bette’s front, her gaze following her fingers over the velvety lips, gathering the wetness between the folds. Her thumb teased the already swollen clit before she brought both hands to her own waist and undid her pants.

    Bette tried to help her but Tina grabbed her wrists and placed them behind Bette’s back and along the sink’s edge again.

    “Don’t move, or I’ll have to tie you up,” Tina pecked at the stunned mouth, a double wink as she strutted away.

    Bette watched Tina’s ass walk back into the bedroom. Just the thought of Tina in leather pants made Bette wet and she felt herself dripping in anticipation of this new affair era.

    Deep down she didn’t care that it was wrong. Tina was and always would be hers as far as she was concerned. An unbridled love that would never be matched. And she would do anything to make her happy, even if she was engaged to someone else.


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