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    Tina waves at him.

    Tina – Morning, Jim! Can you take care of her?

    Jim – Sure, Tina!

    The blonde makes her way to the porch and joins the two sisters, sitting on Bette’s lap and resting against her chest.

    Tina – It is so good being back here! We didn’t want to come in the winter. Angie was too little.

    The brunette kisses her on the cheek and wraps her arms around her waist.

    Tina plays with the wedding band on her wife’s finger, one that matches her own.

    Bette – Let’s show her the waterfall today!

    Tina – OK. As long as you promise not to take her into that freezing water!

    She smiles teasingly.

    Tina – I think she takes after her mama in this regard.

    Bette – She would love it but … I’ll settle for placing her in her toy canoe.

    Tina – She will be making good use of Malcolm’s gift, Kit!

    Kit – Ohh … he will be so happy! He spent several weekends carving that canoe. He said that his baby niece is going to be an explorer!

    Her sister smiles.

    Bette – Yes!

    Tina – Oh, goodness … I think he is right! Her eyes sparkle when she looks at flowers and animals.

    Bette – She will be exploring Europe this fall, Kit! We already got her passport!

    Kit – Really?! Where are you girls going?

    Bette – Jule’s next exhibit will be in Paris.

    Tina – And Helena is flying all of us in her private jet.

    Kit – That’s wonderful! But isn’t Paris too crowded for baby girl? You can leave her here with us!

    Tina – We are actually staying outside of Paris, in Helena’s villa.

    Kit – I didn’t know that they had moved.

    Tina – They still prefer the Paris flat but Helena is thinking about a baby in the near future and they may spend more time there. Alice told us that it is very serene! She visited them last year.

    Kit – I haven’t seen Alice since baby girl’s baptism. How is she?

    Bette – Glowing, recently! She wrote a great piece about violence against trans in the city and was invited to be one of the grand marshals in this year’s San Francisco pride parade.


    1. Hi dbff,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      For the original story really enjoyed it

      For the super Epilogue and

      For responding so quickly to our request for the Epilogue :-)

      Please post another Story soon.


    2. Thanks for the wonderful epilogue. I hope you will develop another story for our girls..or a later chapter! Maybe a holiday update..Thanksgiving with the entire family? Thanks again I am going to miss your updates!

    3. Thank you for the beautiful epilogue!

      I like scenes with Tibette, Angelica and Pearl and all their time in the ranch.
      And of course if you decide to give us another story about Tibette i definitely will read it.

    4. Thank you so much for beginning and ending (possibly for now) this amazing story since I didn’t get to say that on the last chapter! And thank you for this cute epilogue. Hope to see more stories from you soon!

    5. This story was so great, surrounded by pictural nature scenes…
      I cannot help but thinking a lot, with few touches here and there, to my beloved Desert Hearts – and since your Alice was watching this wonderful movie in this story, I think it was a kind of tribute wink, no ? ;-)
      Thank you SO much for this amazing journey !
      And a special tender goodbye to Charlie’s family, these horses were so adorable…
      Gratefully yours – Ariane

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