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    Tina – They look great … thanks to you!

    Bette – They learn fast.

    Tina – There are a couple more scenes that will need your help.

    Bette – Let me know in advance and I’ll show up.

    Tina – Are you going back to the cabin?

    Bette – Yeah …

    Tina – I envy you, cowgirl …

    They smile at each other.

    Tina – Is it still off limits?

    Bette – Yes!

    Tina – Just checking …

    The brunette chuckles.

    Tina – Things have been hectic lately. You seem to have the perfect balance between work and enjoyment.

    Bette – This is my sanctuary. I make time for it.

    Tina – I could never imagine when we first met that you are a Colorado rancher, painter and San Francisco gallery owner.

    Bette – Don’t forget cowgirl.

    The producer chuckles.

    Tina – I didn’t think that you and Kit were sisters.

    The brunette raises an eyebrow.

    Bette – I was right, then!

    The blonde smiles teasingly.

    Tina – Yes … but I was not ready to admit it to a cocky cowgirl.

    Bette smiles.

    Bette – I may be partly to blame but not entirely.

    They are silent for a moment. Tina takes a sip of her water.

    Tina – Yeah … I think about it. Having a sanctuary for my downtime. LA is business. Not the greatest place to write.

    Bette – Every artist needs a break once in a while. Or we end up breaking.

    Tina – You’re right …

    Bette – My breaks don’t last forever though.

    Tina – Are you leaving?

    The brunette nods.

    Tina – When?

    Bette – In less than two weeks.

    They are silent for another moment.

    Tina – Charlie will miss you.

    Bette – I’ll miss him too! I try to visit as often as I can.

    Tina – Will we see you again?

    Bette – I’m not sure.

    Tina – You should at least come back for the end of the movie. We will have a party. I’m sure you’ll want to celebrate!

    The cowgirl chuckles.

    Bette – I may.

    They smile at each other.


    Tina’s office, night: Tina and Brian are discussing logistics. They each hold a cup of coffee.


    1. Tina has awoken in Bettes bed and you leave us hanging? ughhhhhh lol but thats something to look forward too. Enjoyed their interactions in this cahpter. Tina is definetely curious. Please Post Soon

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