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    Tina – Wendy, Bette needs to spend time with Mario now.

    Wendy – I’m not ready yet.

    Tina – Time is up, Wendy!

    The brunette turns to the producer.

    Bette – I can return tomorrow.

    The actress grins and touches Bette’s arm.

    Wendy – Great! I’ll be waiting …

    The blonde steps away.

    Tina – Mario!

    She beckons to him. The brunette follows her.


    Two days later


    Western Skies valley, afternoon: The crew is in the valley again to film the galloping scene. Wendy and Mario are galloping their horses back and forth in the vast expanse following Bette and Charlie’s lead.

    Tina and Brian watch. The actors look more at ease with the horses and Brian seems happy.

    Brian – I think they are ready now!

    Tina – I agree! Let’s get the crew in place.


    Western Skies valley, afternoon: Bette and Wendy are talking some distance away from the rest of the group.

    Wendy – It’s hard to feel comfortable in my own skin when the paparazzi won’t leave me alone.

    Bette – I understand. Take your time. It’s not easy for any of us, but having the spotlight on you must be ten times harder.

    Wendy – You look so comfortable with who you are. How was it for you?

    Bette – I felt the same way at your age. It takes time.


    Western Skies valley, afternoon: Bette and Wendy are still talking. Brian approaches them.

    Brian – Wendy, we need you to take your position. We’ll start filming the scene now.

    Wendy – Oh … OK.

    She turns to the brunette.

    Wendy – Talk to you later?

    Bette – Uh-huh!

    She runs back to the group. The director turns to the rancher with a smile.

    Brian – We think that they are ready.

    Bette – Good!

    They walk back to the group.


    Western Skies valley, afternoon: The scene is being filmed. Tina looks back and sees Bette sitting on a rock watching it. She grabs a couple of water bottles from a cooler and makes her way to the brunette. She hands her one bottle.

    Tina – Water?

    The rancher grabs it.

    Bette – Thanks!

    She takes a sip of water. The producer sits by her side and takes a sip of her water.


    1. Tina has awoken in Bettes bed and you leave us hanging? ughhhhhh lol but thats something to look forward too. Enjoyed their interactions in this cahpter. Tina is definetely curious. Please Post Soon

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