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    Bette – What would you like to eat? I have tea, cereal, milk, eggs …

    The blonde looks embarrassed.

    Tina – Thanks but … I should probably get going.

    Bette – I’m not Kit but … you should eat something.

    The producer chuckles.

    Tina – Uh … I’ll have some tea!

    The brunette hands her a cup of tea. She takes a sip.

    Bette – More honey?

    Tina – No. It’s perfect.

    There is silence between them, and proximity. Tina takes another sip of tea.

    Tina – I had fun yesterday.

    Their eyes meet.

    Tina – Next time, I’ll beat you.

    They smile at each other.

    Tina – Thanks for taking care of me.

    Bette – I enjoyed it.

    Their smiles fade. The blonde feels self-conscious and touches her hair.

    Tina – I have to go! I have … things to do!

    She places the tea cup in the sink and steps away.

    Tina – Can you help me with Minnie?

    Bette – Sure.


    Bette’s cabin, morning: Tina walks out of the cabin while Bette is placing the saddle on Minnie. Charlie is by Minnie’s side.

    Tina – I would not know how to remove the saddle, much less put it back on! Thank you so much!

    Bette – I took it out last evening. She needed to relax.

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – Just like her rider …Thank you for taking care of both of us!

    Bette – My pleasure.

    Tina – How can I repay you?

    The brunette smiles.

    Bette – I guess I’ll have to borrow your bed one day.

    The producer smiles teasingly.

    Tina – My bed is in LA …

    Bette – I guess I’ll have to travel to LA one day.

    Tina – Deal!

    They smile at each other. She mounts Minnie.

    Tina – See you later?

    The rancher nods and the blonde canters away with Minnie. The horses neigh as they separate. The brunette caresses Charlie’s face. The horse gives a short blow.

    Bette – I’m glad you enjoyed, Charlie …

    She sighs deeply.

    Bette – … every minute of it.

    Her eyes follow the blonde and mare until they disappear from view.


    Western Skies stable, morning: Jim sees Tina and Minnie returning to the ranch. She dismounts in front of the stable and brings the horse inside.


    1. Oh wow, incredible chapter!

      “Flirting … harmless flirting …, Tina muses, looking into brown eyes.

      Alarm bells … alarm bells …, the brunette thinks, looking into hazel eyes.”

      I loved those lines above!

      The kiss at the end of the chapter was fantastic, they both are feeling so much and i hope they will have the guts to admit them. For now i like their interaction!

      Glad Bette rejected Wendy, and in a gentle kind way.

      Looking forward to the next chapters!

    2. Ooowww.. some body bit off more than they could chew…and some one found something they have never felt before. Now will they know what to do with it.. or will they run. Pretty sure neither will get over that first kiss. Thank you loved it..I just love the burn lol.

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