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    When You Least Expect It – Chapter 16

    “Ignore it” Was Tina’s immediate answer, the words slurred in her passion-drunk state. Her lips trailed to Bette’s neck, licking and sucking on her pulse.

    Bette moaned as she tightened her grip on her girlfriend’s ass, fully intending to obey her wish. A second later however, she somehow remembered something important in her lust-fogged mind.

    “Shit, I have to call Jan. I was supposed to go back to work after I dropped off Angie”

    She figured Tina would stop her assault long enough to give Bette the opportunity to make her phone call but the blonde never relented. Her tongue swirled around the most sensitive spots on Bette’s neck, driving the brunette wild with need.

    “I-I’m just gonna-” She froze when Tina’s hands made their way to the front of her jeans, unbuttoning them. She immediately reached over to grab her phone on the table beside them, praying her shaky hand didn’t drop the device.

    Her heart was beating harshly against her chest as Tina slowly lowered her zipper, her lips moving to Bette’s ear to tease her earlobe.

    “Oh God” She moaned as she hastily sent a text to Jan, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to keep an even voice during a phone call. Not with the things Tina was doing to her.

    Talking things out with Tina. Won’t make it back to the gallery today. Text if anything

    She threw the phone onto the couch just as Tina’s fingers began to slip inside her pants. She playfully growled and bent her body to lift the blonde in her arms, causing her girlfriend to squeal in delight. She carried Tina to the bedroom, uncaring about waiting for a text response.


    “So what are you going to do?”

    Tina sighed as she slumped back in her seat, hot cup of coffee in hand. “I have no idea”

    Alice watched as her friend took a sip of her drink before placing it back on the table. “What does Bette think?”

    Tina shrugged, “She’s not crazy about the idea but she’s trying to keep an open mind for Angie’s sake”

    “Wow” Alice let out a breath of laughter, not bothering to mask the surprise in her voice or her expression. “That’s .. that’s big of her”


    1. I catch up! So thanks you again – i understand it’s not easy to return to old story!

      I’m not sure what the deal with Kevin – i guess we soon find out.

      Waiting for the next than.

    2. YES ! YES! YES!!!!!
      thank you so much for continuing this story it’s one of my favorites
      I think it’s nice of Bette to put aside her one anger towards Kevin for Angie’s sake

    3. Awesome that you will finish this story first.

      I have to read the former chapters before i will read this one.

      But it will be problately the next weekend before i have time.

      Good to see it back, thank you Liah!!!

    4. Thanks Liah for continuing with this story.
      I’ve re-read the previous Chapters before this new one and enjoyed the story all over again:-)
      So, as we Readers are never satisfied, can I ask for regular posts please to bring the story to its conclusion:-)

    5. I love this story and I’m very happy to see you are decide to continue with!!! Thank You! Right now I’m enjoin rereading all the previous chapters!!!I am also impatient for any other new and long stories by you!

    6. Thank you for the story. Wondering about custody arrangements Tina had with Kevin and if he was paying child support. Maybe you could shine a light on that. I absolutely LOVE your writing and PLEASE don’t stop. I appreciate great fiction😍

    7. I was able to reread the previous chapters and this one, wow had forgotten how much i love this story!

      I don’t trust Kevin, he is trying to get Tina back through Angie, but he will fail in that purpose, Tina is so much in love with Bette and thinking about their future.

      Loved the idea for a set up for Kevin, so that the gang can watch him in secret.

      I am so happy that you will end this story and i am looking forward to many more chapters!

    8. New to your stories love the way you write Bette and Tina!

      Giving Kevin a chance to get to know his daughter is the right thing to do. I hope really tries for Angie’s sake. But I have a feeling his INSECURITIES and JEALOUSY of Tina’s relationship with Bette will big problem for him!

      Can’t wait to see where this is headed, Tina and Bette are in love and Tina’s already thinking LONG term! :)

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