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    You Found Me Chapter 202

    Well I hear the way to keep a marriage going is to throw a few surprises in every now and then. Bette says with a smile.

    You’ve been talking to Grams again, haven’t you? Bette leans to the side to see Grams sitting at the table all dressed up watching them. Bette smiles and winks at her then she looks back at Tina, Yeah. I have a lot to learn and something tells me she has a lot to teach.

    Tina’s heart swells with love for the woman in front of her. Promise me I will always feel this safe Bette. Her eyes were a little glassy.

    I promise to always try my best to make you feel my love and the safety of my arms will always be open to you. They share soft kisses and caresses until the next song came on.

    Bea and Carl join in along with Joe and Lynn. It was a quick song and that was right up Carl’s alley. They danced to lots more what with Jeffery helping Carmen select songs like

    Someone’s been shopping, Tina says rubbing her hand over the front of Bette’s blouse. Bette smiles.

    Yeah, you like my outfit?

    Tina licks her lips while smoothing her hand over Bette’s shoulder. Yes, very much so. Too bad I won’t be getting to take it off.

    Mmm don’t remind me, but I’m glad you like. Bette softly kisses Tina’s bare shoulder. I love this dress too by the way.

    Tina smiles big. Yeah I figured it would be a big hit.

    You know me too well. Bette kisses her way up to Tina’s lips while they continued to sway to the music. Then they hear it…

    Get a room! Alice squeals from the other end of the dance floor.

    Bette hollers back…Tasha can’t you handle your woman? Everyone laughs.

    Hey! I heard that and I don’t need to be handled. Do you hear what you’re marrying Tina? She’s a female chauvinist. It’s a good thing you found out now. Next, she will have you barefoot and pregnant.

    I wouldn’t mind that! Tina hollered back.

    Figures! You two deserve each other.

    We know! They say at the same time. They go back to kissing and dancing in their own little bubble.

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    1. Hi BnTinmyhead,

      Way to short but i loved it. Light and funny. Looking forward to the wedding!

      I thought your kids would stay temporarely? Just ask them to give you a little time so you can write the wedding for us, for your demanding fans , oke for me ????

      Love and hugs,

      Your big and loyal demanding fan ????

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