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    You Found Me Chapter 202

    Seeing the looking on Tina’s face, Bette sighs. No. Bette whispers then gives Tina a kiss. You’ll be with Jeffery so I know he will take good care of you.  Should I come with you?

    Alice said no, I asked. Tina says with a frown.

    Bette nods. I understand. You guys are ditching me. She pulls away from Tina.

    Tina pulls her back. No you won’t be alone. You have Tom, Jack, Daddy and Russell. They look over at the guys who were taking a seat together with a bottle of Jack.

    Tina smiles at her. Ok, but you be careful.

    I will. I’m going to go change. Bette pulls her back for a kiss. I love you.

    I love you too. I’ll come find you before I leave.

    Bette takes a deep breath. Ok. She watches Tina turn and walk to the house.

    Don’t worry she will be just fine.

    Bette jumps not knowing Russell was so close. I know I just can’t wait for this all to be over with.

    Well come have a few shots and let’s see if we can’t speed things up.

    Tina, the girls, and Jeffery were long gone. Bette settled in with the guys. They had a few beers and had lost count on shots. Joe stuck to beer but had reached his limit. Bette was holding her own, but Jack was passed out with his head down on the table.

    Poor guy. He’s a lightweight. Tom says rubbing his back.

    So is Tina. I hope they keep an eye on her. Bette looks out toward the road.

    Oh Jeffery won’t let her drink too much.

    So Bette, you ready to be stuck with my sister for the rest of your life? You know you still have a few hours to back out.

    Bette laughs. Not on your life Thomas Kennard. I’m more than ready. Bring the celebrant over I’ll marry her tonight.

    They laugh because Bette was starting to show signs of the liquor getting to her.

    What did….What did I say that was so funny? Bette stood up to throw her bottle in the recycling bin. Mmmm I see now. You think I’m drunk.

    They laugh at her making her way back to the table. No more than we are. They laugh again.

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    1. Hi BnTinmyhead,

      Way to short but i loved it. Light and funny. Looking forward to the wedding!

      I thought your kids would stay temporarely? Just ask them to give you a little time so you can write the wedding for us, for your demanding fans , oke for me ????

      Love and hugs,

      Your big and loyal demanding fan ????

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