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    You Found Me Chapter 202  

    Russell tried to get a dance with Bette but Tina shook her head no. Bette was all hers from now on except for sleeping together that night. Tina knew when they parted tonight that it would be the last time doing so as single women. They would be facing each other with the watchful eye of their celebrant the next time they laid eyes on each other.

    So you think you might want to meet me out here tomorrow evening, say about threeish? Bette asked with a serious look.

    Maybe. What did you have in mind?

    Well I thought we could talk to this celebrant for a minute.

    What would we talk about?

    I don’t know, maybe about you and me being together forever. Does that sound like something that might interest you?

    You mean get hitched!

    Bette bites her bottom lip with a big smile and tries not to laugh at the innocent face Tina just made so she just nods yes.

    I’d love too.

    You would, would you?

    Tina smiles and nods yes.

    Then it’s a date.

    Oh yeah, it’s a sure thing…she leans in to whisper in Bette’s ear…and so am I.

    Bette’s breathing got heavy. Well that’s more than I can say for the past two weeks.

    Tina swats her arm. Ouch!

    I knew you would come to you senses sooner or later! Alice bellowed out.

    Shut it Pieszecki!

    Bette spins Tina around and back into her arms. Now tell the truth. Am I right?

    Tina smiles. Smartass. Don’t worry, I will make it all up to you.

    Promise? Bette says smiling while looking at Tina’s glossy lips.

    Promise. They kiss to seal the deal.

    Most everyone had left for their hotel room or to their room inside while Bette and Tina tried to hold on as long as they could.

    Ok you two, times up!

    Who says? Bette asks harshly, tired of people planning their time together.

    I do. We’re taking Tina out. Alice says with her hands on her hips.


    Oh yeah. Tina whispers. I forgot to tell you that the girls asked Jeffery to take them out tonight and said I had to come along.

    Really? sounding disappointed.

    Should I have asked? Tina said feeling bad now.

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    1. Hi BnTinmyhead,

      Way to short but i loved it. Light and funny. Looking forward to the wedding!

      I thought your kids would stay temporarely? Just ask them to give you a little time so you can write the wedding for us, for your demanding fans , oke for me ????

      Love and hugs,

      Your big and loyal demanding fan ????

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