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    Chapter 8

    (Bette) OK, thanks

    (Tina) No problem, I think it’s your staff who should be thanking me.

    (Bette) Bye Tina

    (Tina smiles) Bye baby


    A week later, Washington DC. Tina has arrived and unpacked, and makes her way down the hallway to Bette’s room. After checking she is alone in the hallway she knocks and after a moment Bette opens the door. They smile broadly at each other as Tina steps inside. Bette closes the door quickly behind her and they immediately fall into each other’s arms, both wrapped up in the other.

    (Tina) I only have a minute I’m sorry, I just wanted to say hello

    (Bette) I know, me too

    They smile at each other for another moment, before they both hand over their spare room key.

    (Tina) I’ll sneak in late

    (Bette smiles) OK


    Later, Week of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, function room of the hotel. The room is full of Bette and Tina’s colleagues attending a casual function leading up to the correspondents’ dinner to be held later in the week. The politicians and journalists attending are enjoying mixing in a more relaxed environment than usual.

    At one stage later in the night Bette and Tina meet eyes and make their way over to the bar at the same time. They each take a glass of wine from the tray placed on the bar and take the opportunity for a brief conversation.

    (Bette) How is your night so far? Worth flying in for?

    (Tina) Well, since I’ll be missing the actual dinner this year it’s good to make an appearance at some stage during the week.

    Tina turns and leans back on the bar, glancing around the room.

    (Tina) Is this a bad idea? Meeting in our apartments is one thing, but this hotel is crawling with politicians and journalists who would love to catch us out

    (Bette) We should have stayed at the Continental, no politicians or journalists there.

    Tina looks over at her.

    (Tina) Murders, Bette

    Bette laughs

    They are interrupted by an older male Senator, who notices their friendly and familiar interaction.

    (Senator) I didn’t know you two knew each other

    (Tina) Hello Senator. Of course, we all move in small circles here.

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    1. Thank you for continuing this story! Love the intrigue in their meetings. I know their clandestine relationship is on borrowed time and they will be outed. I just hope their relationship being outed does not break them up. There will be storms brewing especially with that senator checking them out…..does he sense something more than a professional relationship? Please post again soon

    2. Nice chapter…. life for Bette and Tina and their relationship is getting harder to sustain in this no strings attached in name only relationship. Something has to give or they are going to be beside themselves during their times of separation. Can’t wait to see how you give them a glide path to happiness for both of them. They need to be together as committed full time spouses. It’s what they want….

      Excellent writing…. excellent.

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