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    Chapter 8

    He looks back and forth between them.

    (Senator) Well Bette, it’s always a good idea to keep the media on side. I’ll have to enlist your help in convincing Tina here to drop her angle on our recent resignation.

    Tina sighs and Bette smiles politely as the Senator points towards her with a nod and continues walking past them.

    (Bette) God that man is a pig. He refers to all male Senators by their title and the women by their given names.

    Bette looks over at Tina and notices her concerned look.

    (Bette sighs) We’ll be more careful. Should we not see each other again until New York?

    (Tina) I think it’s probably a sensible idea. If anyone here even suspects something we don’t want to risk them following up on it once we’re home

    (Bette) OK

    They share a look.

    (Bette) You do know I’m staying an extra week? So I’m not back until the Thursday following.

    Tina turns to face her, frowning.

    (Tina) What? Why?

    Bette smiles at Tina’s reaction.

    (Bette) There’s committee work we need to move along, and we’re taking advantage of us all being in the same place.

    They look at each other again for a moment, both aware of how difficult they are going to find the separation.

    (Tina sighs) Well then, I guess let’s go our separate ways here. I’ll see you in New York.

    They glance at each other again before both moving away to opposite sides of the room and joining separate conversations.


    The next morning, Bette’s room. Bette wakes and looks over with a smile to find a sleeping Tina. She shuffles over to her and kisses her shoulder, and Tina stirs and smiles over at her.

    (Bette) You shouldn’t be here

    (Tina smiles) I know

    (Bette) Do I need to ask for my room key back Kennard?

    Tina bites her lip and smiles at her.

    (Tina) Maybe

    Bette smiles broadly as Tina moves towards her and pulls Bette’s body over her own.


    Bette stays on in Washington DC and Tina returns to New York, and they both miss the other desperately in the time apart. They manage to speak on the phone every couple of days, but their self-enforced boundaries limit what they are able to say to one another. They both count down the days to Bette’s eventual arrival back in New York.

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    1. Thank you for continuing this story! Love the intrigue in their meetings. I know their clandestine relationship is on borrowed time and they will be outed. I just hope their relationship being outed does not break them up. There will be storms brewing especially with that senator checking them out…..does he sense something more than a professional relationship? Please post again soon

    2. Nice chapter…. life for Bette and Tina and their relationship is getting harder to sustain in this no strings attached in name only relationship. Something has to give or they are going to be beside themselves during their times of separation. Can’t wait to see how you give them a glide path to happiness for both of them. They need to be together as committed full time spouses. It’s what they want….

      Excellent writing…. excellent.

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