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    Chapter 8

    Two weeks later, Bette has flown in late from Washington DC and makes her way straight from the airport to Tina’s apartment. Bette lets herself in, leaves her bags in the hallway and makes her way straight to the bedroom. She smiles when she sees Tina sitting up in bed working on her laptop.

    (Bette) Oh my God I was hoping you’d still be up

    Tina smiles back at her.

    (Tina) Of course I’m still up, come here

    Tina puts her laptop on the bedside table and Bette slips off her jacket while quickly making her way to the bed.


    They fall asleep in each other’s arms, and Tina wakes later in the night and spends a long while watching Bette. She knew that she would find these two weeks difficult, but she didn’t understand just how difficult it would be. The intensity of her feelings has forced her to acknowledge that this casual arrangement is in name only for her. The time apart has also brought up for her a lot of her emotions from the time when Bette really did leave her, for good. She is overcome now, watching Bette sleeping beside her, that she has her back here with her, and that Tina is able to touch her and kiss her and hold her again. Tina eventually moves closer to Bette and wraps her arms around her again, and drifts back to sleep.


    The next morning, they lie in bed together, their bodies wrapped around each other. Bette wakes first and lies still, enjoying the feel of Tina’s body against her own, and taking her own moment to reflect on just how much she missed Tina in their two weeks apart. Her feelings of regret for having ever let her go are intensifying with the more time they spend together, and though she is so happy to be able to share a moment like this with her again, it is tainted with sadness as she knows that Tina is really not hers anymore. Bette continues watching her and Tina eventually stirs and looks over at her.

    (Tina smiles) Good morning

    (Bette smiles) Good morning

    They bring their lips together for a gentle kiss, that quickly becomes more heated. As the kiss continues, Bette props herself up on one elbow while her hand drifts beneath the sheets. After a moment Tina speaks to her softly.

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    1. Thank you for continuing this story! Love the intrigue in their meetings. I know their clandestine relationship is on borrowed time and they will be outed. I just hope their relationship being outed does not break them up. There will be storms brewing especially with that senator checking them out…..does he sense something more than a professional relationship? Please post again soon

    2. Nice chapter…. life for Bette and Tina and their relationship is getting harder to sustain in this no strings attached in name only relationship. Something has to give or they are going to be beside themselves during their times of separation. Can’t wait to see how you give them a glide path to happiness for both of them. They need to be together as committed full time spouses. It’s what they want….

      Excellent writing…. excellent.

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